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The FARAH KHAN brand is distinctive in style. We emphasize on jewellery
that is intricate yet striking, bold yet feminine. Unusual colours combined with exotic gems and diamonds set the basis for our novel designs. All our jewellery is set and crafted in 18K gold using the highest standards in manufacturing techniques thus never compromising on the finish.

In a short span the label has become synonymous with setting high standards for style, quality, detailing, design and elegance. Our jewellery has a life and identity of its own. Farah Khan's first collection "Amore" represented the emotions of lust, envy, romance and love, while her second collection "Forever", was a classical yet contemporary line of jewellery re-invented to cater to today's woman .

Our collections are launched twice a year and our current collection of Fall- Winter 2005-2006 has 4 lines (Tassels & Lace, Handbags, and Jamevaar) that have been created keeping in mind all kinds of women. Tradition, embellishments, textures and fashion accessories have stimulated this originally inspired collection.

Tassels & Lace: Tassels are a tribute to the free spirited woman and inspired by her attributes of being feisty, brave, vigorous and lively. On the other hand, in stark contrast, Lace seeks to tell the story of a woman who is inhibited yet has the latent fire to reveal. She is mysterious, pretty, delicate and very feminine. The gemstones used in this collection are multi coloured tourmalines, amethysts, coffee diamonds, black diamonds, aquamarines, tsavorites, pink and yellow sapphires, corals & mother of pearls.

Handbags: This collection is symbolic of the contemporary woman of today. A woman, who loves to experiment, is adventurous, and perhaps a bit funky. It comprises a lot of detailing and unusual shapes to create a colourful palette, in addition to diamonds it has been infused with aquamarines, tourmalines, lemon topaz, iolite, and rubies. What inspired Farah Khan to create this? Well she drew inspiration from a woman's favourite accessory, the handbag!

Jamevaar: Inspired primarily from the mughal motifs of Jamevaar, this collection has rich vintage tones that allude to a woman who is confident,
regal and has a definite aura of strength and dignity. The sober magnificence of this collection lends itself to a woman who is majestic, cultured and refined. Farah is the complete master infusing this collection with rubies, emeralds, golden South Seas, multicoloured sapphires and tourmalines and rose cuts.

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