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“Take two ounces of talent, with common sense the size of an egg, and one ounce of knowledge of human nature. Put all into the mortar of experience, and pound well with the pestle of discretion. Add one pint of sentiment, one gill of wit, and just a shade of sadness. Strain again and cast away the sediments.

Season, garnish and serve with enthusiasm

–       Anonymous

Born in Mumbai on Dec 28th 1969, Farah Khan was the eldest of the 4 children of parents Actor-Producer-Director Sanjay Khan and his wife Interior Designer Zarine Khan. As a child Farah was an introvert and shy in nature. She did her schooling at Besant Montessori School and Jamnabai Narsee School after which she finished her BA at Sophia College in Mumbai. Not knowing what she wanted to do and having tried her hand at everything raging from Ad films to interior design and even television production, Farah’s foray into the jewellery line was purely by chance when she decided to accompany her friend on a whim to do a course in Gemology at the renowned Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California in 1992. Farah Khan graduated at the top of her class in 1993 with a 97% and is now a well known and recognized Jewellery Designer and Gemologist.

Farah Khan married Aqeel Ali (known professionally as DJ Aqeel) on 20th February 1999 and became Farah Khan-Ali. They have two children a boy Azaan who is 8 yrs and girl Fizaa who is 5yrs old.

With 17 years of focus and experience in this field, she still feels like a creatively inclined soul who happened to come into Jewellery Designing by chance, only to discover that she was born for it. Despite having designed for some of the top Bollywood stars and people from India’s foremost business families, she insists on being a perfectionist who loves to please herself first so that so that she can eventually please her clients. She admits that she has to do everything well so that it all comes together eventually.

The designer, who gives creative pursuits utmost importance, is a private person who behaves like a garrulous extrovert in the company of friends and relatives. Having years of experience behind her and a celebrity clientele of the who’s who, her brand, “FARAH KHAN” which was launched in February 2004 in Mumbai has grown from one outlet to three now. Currently Farah Khan will be opening her own flag ship store this year in Mumbai and also franchises with Om Jewellers in Mumbai, AKM Mehrasons in New Delhi,.

For Farah, inspiration begins with a strong emotion. “You have to feel to be inspired. Design is not about getting inspired from what you have seen in jewellery, but the process of being able to find design wherever you go. Design can reveal itself to you whenever & wherever – be it through flashes of intuition or thoughts or dreams. It is pertinent to note that human beings think alike but it is their interpretation, which makes a difference. I am inspired through the process of life & my experiences of it.”

“My designs are flamboyant, ornate and adventurous. I believe that jewellery should make you feel like a princess when you wear it no matter how big or small the piece of jewellery is, it should be eye catching and make the wearer feel special.” – Farah Khan

Each & every piece from Farah’s jewellery line is crafted using the highest quality standards. Right from the metals used to gemstones & diamonds, Farah only insists on the best & does not compromise on finish.

To Farah, every piece of her jewellery is very close to her heart, & one that is painstakingly created from the design stage to the finished stage using the best hands craftsmen in the country. Most of her pieces are limited pieces & are seldom repeated. Her clientele swears by her finish & keep coming back for more. Farah’s greatest satisfaction is a happy client.

FARAH KHAN jewellery is distinctive in style. We emphasize on jewellery

That is intricate yet striking, bold yet feminine. Unusual colours combined with exotic gems set the basis for our novel designs. All our jewellery is set and crafted using the highest standards in manufacturing techniques thus never compromising on the finish.

In a short span the label has become synonymous with setting high standards for style, quality, detailing, design and elegance. Our jewellery has a life and identity of its own.

“When I play with precious gemstones its like creating an object of beauty and desire, one that outlives its wearer and brings a sea of memories with it when it is handed down generation.” – Farah Khan

Internationally Farah Khan has also designed for Swarovski where Farah Farah also took part in Swarovski’s Runway Rocks, which was show cased in Mumbai in April 2008 along with 9 other Indian designers and 14 international designers. Farah was the only Indian jewellery designer selected for this event.

She then also took part in Swarovski’s 5th Anniversary celebration for Runway Rocks in London in June 2008 along with fellow India fashion designer Manish Arora and a host of top 25 international designers. Her piece drew a lot of attention and made news in London’s “Daily Telegraph” newspaper.

Farah Khan was featured and Interviewed in the Gemvision 2009, a book on forthcoming trends in the jewellery industry from Swarovski where she used genuine gemstones. She created a ruby and pink sapphire bracelet inspired from the soft petals of a Rose. Farah’s designs were also featured in Swarovski’s Gemvision 2010 where she designed a snake bracelet cuff and a snake pendant. This year too Farah Khan was asked to design for Gemvision 2011 and has designed a Peacock cuff that was showcased at the International jewllery Trade fair in Basel in April 2010.

In June 2009, Farah showcased her designs at the 10th anniversary celebrations of IIFA (The Indian International Film Awards) in Macau where she was the only jewellery designer to singularly have more than 10 Bollywood personalities wear her jewelllery on the Green carpet a feat never achieved before. Farah Khan’s jewels made an everlasting statement at IIFA this season.

Farah Khan also designed jewellery for the hit Television Show Rakhee Ka Swayamwar where she designed Rakhee Sawants Bridal Jewellery. The Show was which was telecast in 2009 grossed the highest TRPs at that time.

In October 2009 Farah Khan showcased her couture jewellery collection “Cascades”

for the HDIL Couture Week 2009 that explored the natural flow and forms created by cascading fabric across a woman’s body thus capturing this graceful, ethereal elegance into handcrafted jeweled ornaments.  The Cascades Collection unveiled new necklines in jewellery and was an ode to the varied moods of feminity from innocence to sexy. Rich tones of precious coloured gemstones such as Emerald Greens, Rubelite Pinks, Tanzanite Blues and Yellow Diamonds formed the vibrant colour palette.   For the first time Farah beautifully merged the old with the new using the traditional Indian “Jadau” techniques in jewellery along with Diamonds set in 18 kt Gold. HDIL Couture week was held in Mumbai at the Grand Hyatt in Farah’s showstoppers were actress Genelia Dsouza and her sister Sussanne Roshan who stole the show with her fabulous jewels.

Farah at present is looking forward to opening her own flagship store in Mumbai this year as well as to expand her franchise stores internationally.

Her advice to those looking to pursue a career in jewellery is to be passionate about what you do and to “think out of the box”. Only then you will succeed for the road less traveled is more exciting as you may discover more things on the way. Be diligent and focused. Do not get disheartened by failure and push harder to reach your goal.

Farah Khan was awarded the best Jewellery Designer Award by the Lions Gold club in January 2010 this year and was also received the DNA award for society’s most stylish swan.

Due to her penchant for tweeting Farah was selected as the TWITTER ambassador for WILLS LIFESTYLE INDIA FASHION WEEK this year thus replacing actress Gul Panang who was the Wills Twitter Ambassador last year. Farah covered the WILLS LIFESTYLE INDIA FASHION WEEK in Delhi between March 24th – March 28th where she tweeted live from the venue about fashion and the designer shows.

Says Farah Khan who is celebrating 17 years in the business – my jewellery is a celebration of today’s woman who is feminine yet strong, graceful yet determined. It is about a real woman, one that is sensual in her being and confident in her existence, a woman who is beautiful inside out……………..A true “Farah Khan” woman who can carry of a piece of jewelery with understated flamboyance and make a definite style statement.


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